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India V Mexico Charity dinner at Hotel du Vin #ChilliCousins

In the 15th Century AD, Christopher Colombus set on a voyage to India of get Pepper and other spices from the Ports of Kochi and Goa and it so happens that he never reached India as he sailed completely the opposite direction and discovered The Americas which opened up a brand new extended silk route from Kochi to Seville to America. Read More


All about Benji, our head chef at La Choza, Gloucester rd.

Benji Hinchliffe was born in London and grew up around Norwich. Like many chefs it was his Mum who ignited his passion for food with her home-cooked family meals spanning world cuisines – curries, Lebanese and Greek food were mainstays and rare exotic options for Norwich in the late 70s and early 80s. Read More


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