In the 15th Century AD, Christopher Colombus set on a voyage to India of get Pepper and other spices from the Ports of Kochi and Goa and it so happens that he never reached India as he sailed completely the opposite direction and discovered The Americas which opened up a brand new extended silk route from Kochi to Seville to America.

Mexico by then was growing chillies and other amazing ingredients such as tomatoes, corn, Pineapples and above all Tamarind which then were brought to India from a route that was formed form Acapulco- Rio- Lisbon and Goa or Kochi. These beautiful ingredients then travelled thousands of miles to reach India and change it’s food scene forever. Till the chillies came to India, the spicing ingredient was black pepper which was not available to everyone as the price was equal to gold in those days because of it’s demand worldwide. The whole story then changed with arrival of chillies and they started growing everywhere and the demand for black pepper fell. Every common man then could afford chillies and spice their food up.

Though corn, tamarind and tomatoes also became inseparable part of Indian Cuisine since 16th Century, the most common ingredient that the nation could not survive without was Chilli. In respect to Mexico’s contribution to India’s favourite Ingredient we fondly started calling them ‘Chilli Cousins’

Bridging these two great nations in Brighton this year, La choza and Curry Leaf Cafe have decided to bring back these amazing ingredients together to celebrate and showcase the Culinary Diversity this city has to offer by creating a 5 course menu with one common ingredient being highlighted for each course but prepared in both Mexican and Indian style. Expect lots of colours, flavours and fun at Hotel Du Vin on 22nd May as part of Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Festival.

We will be helping raising funds to support our local charity Fareshare Sussex that deals with re distribution of surplus food to different charities. Please call La Choza or Curry Leaf Cafe to book.